About the Barn Theatre Archives

We want this facility to be not only an accurate and useful resource, but also an acknowledgement and a tribute to the huge amounts of hard work, free time and talent from the membership over the years that has made the Barn what it is today.


  • Cast and Creative Team details: Matthew Spinner and Robert Gill
  • Production photography: Harry Stull, Simon Wallace, Bernard Usher, Tim Lee, John Davies, Nigel Pickard and many others we would love to identify and give proper credit to.
  • Scanning: Matthew Spinner, John Davies and Denys Wells

How you can help

If you spot any mistakes or omissions - PLEASE TELL US - we want to know about it!

If you would like your biography to be updated or your photograph to be added then get in touch.

If you have any production photographs we would really love to see them; digital is obviously great but we can easily scan paper photographs and would really welcome as many as we can get hold of. Of course we will look after them and return them after they have been processed.

We are also looking for past programmes. If you have any we can borrow it would be great. We will scan them and return them to you intact.

Contact Matthew Spinner